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Grail travels to the Moon

NASA continues to launch rockets into space as the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) began it’s journey to the Moon. The Delta II rocket will reach the Moon in three months to uncover what is beneath the surface by measuring the gravity field. Two spacecraft will orbit the Moon and map it’s gravity field so that rovers can travel to any part of the Moon safely.

Grail launch

Google Analytics shows sudden drop in traffic

Google traffic is down for certain keywords.

Made a few changes and Google dropped this domains pagerank to 0 and the traffic to this website has been cutoff. Removing all  the NASA feed articles made the content of this WordPress thin and reduced the post to under 30 total. This could be considered duplicate content so I thought that removing them might help wrong.

Before I thought people who had multiple domains were being greedy but if you don’t have more than one domain for what you are targeting then you might miss out.

Even with the traffic loss the organic search terms are broad so instead of arriving here searching for the same term.

And this also seems to be the sandbox that they put sites in to test out updates to the algorithm because I should be able to find my site in the serps for some of these keywords and nobody is visiting pages from 5 pages deep.

So the lesson here is that you have to stick with what works and have extra domains to test things you would like to implement.

Moving to a new web host

Maybe you jumped at the first good deal you found in your search for hosting and now you have had your site limited and restricted by a hosting company who may not be able or willing to host a site of any size properly.

When you want to move your whole site the forums, videos, users and WordPress databases to Host Gator should have started with them in the first place you say when your moving checklist looks like this.

First download all files and folders and the single files like the .htaccess in your home directory to your hard drive.

Next you need to generate a copy of the databases.

The easy way to get everything uploaded to your new host is to use a ftp like Filezilla this way you can keep your files and folders exactly the way they were on the old host.

Have notepad ++ as the default editor in FileZilla to edit the files like wpconfig to point to your new database.

This is where you might want to triple check the few selections you have to make when you backup and download your database.

Host Gator has the info posted and they will also move your stuff for free if you request it soon after you sign up, but they host websites and I blog so this guide should be more detailed than theirs.

I always wait until after the first 30 days to add more to any host but if your are smart you will save the time and money and let them move your files and transfer the domain.

They say leave the old site up for 48 hours to let the dns changes go through before canceling your account and after a recent move the old host was still getting traffic. Fix this by pointing to the database on the new host.

I had fun watching the new host stats double from the day before the move and the bounce rate is still lower then it has ever been meaning visitors stay on the site longer and click through at least one page. Before the move those same visitors might not get a page instead they were given a error page, no chance the get that visitors business and Google has a option let’s you choose not be shown results from a website when you hit the back button now so you could lose that visitor for good.

Hope this helps you to make the move to a better hosting company that will increase traffic to your blog by increasing up time.



Suited for Spacewalking

The first space walk was performed by Alexey Leonov  in 1965 meaning the Soviets where first again when Leonov left the capsule attached by only 50 foot tether for 12 minutes.  At the time he said it was easy but his suit was so stiff he could not take a single picture with his chest mounted camera. Leonov would then take twelve more minutes to renter the capsule because his suit that was over pressurized was wedged in the airlock, it had to be deflated that risked the bends a condition that happens when depressurization forms bubbles in the body the effects range from joint pain to death. The extra time spent in vacuum left him overheated but in the history books after performing the first successful EVA.

Ed White,II performing the first American EVA

 NASA astronauts found EVA to be far from easy and performing basic task outside the capsule was almost impossible. The first two attempts at Spacewalking where very limited and the experience that came after the first American spacewalk  on June 3, 1965 by Edward H. White, II from the Gemini capsule where White found the tether difficult to use contrary to Leonov’s claim it’s was not easy. The airlock was the most critical portion of the first ever EVA and the hatch on the Gemini capsule wouldn’t open or close because of faulty latch that put the lives of the astronauts in jeopardy had they not been able to close it properly before re-entry to the earth’s atmosphere.

Eventually, on November 13, 1966, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin was the first to perform an EVA without fatigue and do so for 2 hours and 6 minutes, Aldrin’s interest in scuba diving

Underwater training

influenced NASA to use underwater EVA training, this allows an astronaut to simulate weightlessness following a course to avoid unnecessary movement that waste energy and cause muscle fatigue. The picture of NASA astronaut Mike Fossum in a training version of his Extravehicular Mobility Unit spacesuit, preparing for the Expedition 28 spacewalk to work on the exterior of the International Space Station inspired the writing of this post.