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Moving to a new web host

Maybe you jumped at the first good deal you found in your search for hosting and now you have had your site limited and restricted by a hosting company who may not be able or willing to host a site of any size properly.

When you want to move your whole site the forums, videos, users and WordPress databases to Host Gator should have started with them in the first place you say when your moving checklist looks like this.

First download all files and folders and the single files like the .htaccess in your home directory to your hard drive.

Next you need to generate a copy of the databases.

The easy way to get everything uploaded to your new host is to use a ftp like Filezilla this way you can keep your files and folders exactly the way they were on the old host.

Have notepad ++ as the default editor in FileZilla to edit the files like wpconfig to point to your new database.

This is where you might want to triple check the few selections you have to make when you backup and download your database.

Host Gator has the info posted and they will also move your stuff for free if you request it soon after you sign up, but they host websites and I blog so this guide should be more detailed than theirs.

I always wait until after the first 30 days to add more to any host but if your are smart you will save the time and money and let them move your files and transfer the domain.

They say leave the old site up for 48 hours to let the dns changes go through before canceling your account and after a recent move the old host was still getting traffic. Fix this by pointing to the database on the new host.

I had fun watching the new host stats double from the day before the move and the bounce rate is still lower then it has ever been meaning visitors stay on the site longer and click through at least one page. Before the move those same visitors might not get a page instead they were given a error page, no chance the get that visitors business and Google has a option let’s you choose not be shown results from a website when you hit the back button now so you could lose that visitor for good.

Hope this helps you to make the move to a better hosting company that will increase traffic to your blog by increasing up time.



WordPress Mobile Theme

Is it me or are many WordPress themes not ready out the virtual box to do basic things?

My selection of theme is not based on Adsense but I think all themes should come ready to display one ad on the home page right away.  So I now have to search for what themes work best with adsense, not to boost adsesne ctr or position but to help select a theme suited for Adsense period.

Editing a theme was not on my to do list when I started using wordpress, funny thing is the spammers and con artist have adsense an wordpress on autobot and have perfect a placement.

When I find a solution to this that does not involve editing a completed theme I will post it here.

Why did I title this post WordPress mobile theme?  Maybe because at random the home button or any home link just stopped working on the last theme so it looks like Mobility will be the mobile and desktop theme for now.

Update:  Everything is working thanks to the Quick Adsense plugin that places the ads where ever you want them.


WordPress Theme and Adsense Lessons Learned

This WordPress website has been hosted at for 3 months now and a few lessons have been learned.

Changing your permalink by one letter will cause you to drop down the google search results. I changed “websites” to “website” to match the title that was previously changed.

Lesson learned here if something looks wrong to you but google ranks the page anyway leave it be.

WordPress themes are great to start out with but if you plan on placing  Adsense in your WordPress theme the creator might not  have Adsense placement at the top of their priorities when they created the theme. This may cause you to rethink your purchase of the theme, but if you did a little research you would have found that a certain themes do really well with Adsense and some are completely useless in my opinion.

Lesson learned if you want to monetize WordPress make sure the theme you select places the ads where the will do well.

To advertise or not that has been the main debate that I solved by spending the money on a new laptop for this month, the traffic generated so far from google would have cost me the complete purchase price if you consider that a Office Jet was thrown in for a fraction of it’s sale price and the laptop was on sale at the Black Friday price.

Lesson learned unless you have some major traffic generating ad scheme google will reward you with more traffic than you can buy and still turn a profit.

Adsense and Google analytics can give you valuable information about keywords  and  other  stats that tell you how your website is viewed,  stop looking at the reports right now if you are not looking for something specific.  Do a search and you will see others have discovered they have wasted valuable time looking at their reports and not producing content.

Lesson learned if you are not getting results from your WordPress studying Analytics reports to review what is not working will keep your website off the first page.

These are a few of the most important things learned by me in the quest to launch Discipuli Quest WordPress , there are plenty of shortcuts to do this but those methods are not long term or cost effective.

How to create a website with WordPress and Linux

Why create a website with WordPress and use a Linux Operating System?

This post was started on March 14 2011 and I need to add some information so let’s start by  answering the question in h2 above. First thing you will want to do is create a logo or header for your blog with Linux you could have gone in to the repository and selected a program called Inkscape that outputs svg files a scalable graphic that can be  used to produce print quality designs.

Hosting is cheap but it’s not free and host that don’t charge anything have to limit what you can host on shared servers to keep it available to the many websites it is hosting.  WordPress is free and Linux is also free so you can use those savings to create a website with a paid host. When you create a website with WordPress use cheap host with good reviews they will have a installer like Fantastico to create and install WordPress in cpanel for you.

Linix is a open source software and you can download most versions of the Linux operating system for free and there is a good chance that your WordPress website will be hosted on a Linux server. Linux has served me well as my primary operating system and now WordPress makes posting and organizing content quick and easy. Learning to use Linux commands helps you to solve problems and find information online and actually understand how to create a website with WordPress and Linux on your computer. Getting your WordPress setup quickly will depend on your wp-config.php file having the correct info in the right places.

How to create the wp-config.php

The first thing you need to do is setup the configuration php correctly for your wordpress to work, if you get this right you can start posting content right away. Don’t start the setup process and then Google configuration php is not writable, if you do this with Joomla for example your site  wont have correct file permissions set. WordPress will tell you to go back and setup your configuration php, letting you click continue and ending up with a site with nothing writable makes no sense to me. The configuration php file that you need to edit is named wp-config-sample.php, this file needs your database info to work. All you need to do is copy and paste the your info and generate the security keys and save the file.

The WordPress Codex has a sample default wp-config-sample.php and explains where your database info should be and how to generate the security keys at the end of your wp-config.php. Goto Editing wp-config.php « WordPress Codex and follow the steps, if you can learn how to create your own config.php then setting up WordPress will be a simple task when you may not have access to Fantastico.